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Dev channel update to 81.0.416.3 is live
Hello Insiders, today we’re releasing build 81.0.416.3 to the Dev Channel. We expect this to be the last build for major version 81, which means we will soon be bringing it to the Beta channel. Additionally, for those of you who have the Stable channel installed, we released our first update to Stable last week, bringing it up to major version 80, and for people on ARM64 machines, installing the native ARM64 build of Stable. We also started a discussion last week around Edge Legacy’s Tab Preview feature and what you’d like to see us do with it in the future: Tab Preview - Discussion. Finally, all of the features and fixes worth mentioning this week:

Added features:
  • Added blue color to the account button in InPrivate windows as suggested by user feedback.
  • Added a tool on the Favorites management page to remove duplicate favorites.
  • Enabled Collections sync for all channels that currently have Collections available.
  • Added the ability to highlight text in PDFs.
  • Added support for web-optimized PDFs that download one page at a time as they’re viewed.
  • Added a feature to Immersive Reader to focus on only one or a few lines at a time.
  • Added a dialog to inform users when an extension is disabled because it has the ability to change settings (new tab page, search provider, etc.)
  • Added a message when a user tries to use IE mode and Internet Explorer isn’t installed.
  • Added support for syncing the “Sign in automatically” setting under edge://settings/passwords.
  • Added an option in edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings to choose a default profile to use when opening links in external applications.
  • Added a management policy controlling the ability to import Top Sites from another browser.
  • Added a management policy controlling the ability to import Extensions from another browser.
  • Added a management policy controlling the ability to import Cookies from another browser.
  • Added a page to Settings to help users download Edge mobile.


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In this month's 'Top Feedback Summary for February 11', Microsoft shared that they are currently working on the following Edge improvements for release in February.
  • Favorites sync issues, including sync not working, deleted favorites reappearing, and favorites being duplicated
  • Enable sync of installed browser extensions between devices
  • Option to set a custom photo as the New Tab Page background photo
  • Need for better handling of links when there is more than one profile
  • Enable sync of browsing history between devices
The development team has also added two new features that they are looking into bringing to Microsoft Edge.

The first feature is called 'Enable navigation of PDF files via table of contents', which will allow users to use a PDF's table of contents to act as bookmarks in the document. This feature is currently 'under review', which means they are discussing it internally.

The second feature is to bring the tab preview feature from Microsoft Edge Legacy to the new Microsoft Edge. This feature is under discussion, which means they are looking for feedback from Microsoft Edge users.


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New optimizations boost performance in preview builds of Microsoft Edge:

ForgottenSeer 823865

Yes. They roll some out for portions of users and not others on each of the Insider builds.
MS lead dev: "hey what are you doing, you removed Appcontainer from Lord Umbra build? What were you thinking about?! Put it back!!!
MS dev:" he doesn't need it, he is too smart to get infected, he even managed to make Exploit Protection working with ChromEdge "
Lead Dev: "I give you 10sec or you are fired"

10sec, maybe why I have only one process with it Loooooooool


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Extension syncing rolling out to Microsoft Edge Canary.
Microsoft Edge Canary just gained one more category that it can sync across devices.