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thanks for the info, in my case emsi was having some issues while updating (it downloaded all the files, but then it finished with the message "EAM is up to date.....", checking logs, i found that no file was modified, a reboot fixed the issue) anyone, having the same problem?
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I had to uninstall Emsisoft Internet Security before this hotfix update as it was occasionally (rarely) making my browser (Chrome) freeze. Once I have uninstalled it, everything is working again....
Also the "taskbar icon disappeared after a reboot." happened to me once...


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I had to uninstall Emsisoft IS, because at times during boot the entire pc would freeze and the network drivers would not get booted. Tried waiting for a couple of minutes, but nothing worked had to hard reboot the pc. It would work fine after the reboot, but this problem occurred at least 2/4 during boot.