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It's not even signed.
Actually the signature created during the download is invalid. At first I got the message, that the revocation has failed, now it is OK, but the digital signature is still invalid. On the bright side, only EmsisoftEmergencyKit.exe is affected, once files are unpacked/updated, the scanner works fine.



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Yeah, after the update, everything went fine.

Well, quite unprofessional. This shouldn't happen to companies that specialize in user security.
It shouldn't have happened but cut them some slack, for a team of 40 remote people they've made a fine set of products and big security companies with hundreds of millions of customers and a whole lot of $ end up damaging systems more than malware. Avira couldn't make a behaviour blocker that didn't black screen systems after Windows Updates but Emsisoft managed it.

Fabian Wosar

From Emsisoft
Looks like the file got truncated while being replicated to the download servers. That's why the digital signature doesn't match and unpacking failed. The problem was fixed automatically when the next daily rebuild happened. We will try to figure out why replication failed and add some safeguards against it.

Also: This is not an official support channel. We don't monitor anything and don't get any notifications when something is posted here. I only check occasionally. If there is something important, you are better off contacting our support through one of the official channels or at the very least send me a PM here so I get a notification.