Advice Request Emsisoft Emergency Kit paid now?

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Mar 24, 2016
Tried downloading EMS from the usual(Emsisoft - Emergency Kit: Free Portable Malware Scan and Removal). And the new name seems to be Emsisoft Remediation Kit.
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Jul 27, 2015

Weird because my old 100% free EEK still works and also updates just fine to their latest official version ( 2022.8.0.11596 - Released: 08/02/2022 ).


But at the same time if one download EEK from the official EEK url, one automatic get ERK instead and that one is not for free.

Either they are about to phase out EEK or this is a common webmaster error. I would guess and hope for the latter.


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Jan 28, 2018
After installing, I started with Start Scanner.exe and it asked for a license. If you don't enter anything, the software will exit. A direct click on a2emergencykit.exe in the bin64 folder allowed me to update and scan. Once you have done that, launching from Start Scanner.exe will no longer ask for a license.

It's a little off topic. Have they stopped their product for android? It has disappeared from the list of sites.
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Jun 21, 2020
I noticed that the newer downloads of EEK ask for a licence, no matter what. I have two versions of EEK on my PC. One from many a month ago and one I downloaded today from the Emsisoft website.

When I open the newer one I downloaded today, it asks me for a licence and won't allow me to do anything, won't update, scan etc... The same goes for using the .exe file in bin64 manually.
However, If I use my older version, it updates, restarts, scans and well works. It even updates to the newest version which makes it renamed to ERK, Emsisoft Remediation Kit, and still works.

Either it's an error, or they forgot to turn something off?
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Aug 17, 2018
The version I download last night and then today asks for a license with no way around it. The a2emergencykit.exe work around did not work here. I am going to find the version I downloaded a few months ago and hope that works. Thanks.

PS like others have said you can install an older version (in my case 2022.2.0.11368) and then update it to the latest and it works. Hopefully it will continue to work for now.
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