Update ESET


Level 37
Mar 16, 2019
Version is a bug fix version.
Full changelog for the version that was released a few days ago.

New: support for device association with myESET
New: activation flows + new icons
New: association / disassociation flows for anti-theft
New: reworked application statuses (now they are send into myESET account once device is associated)
New: communicate device disassociation and deactivation from myESET in product
New: Banking and payment protection: Secure all browsers setting in GUI (setup > Security tools)
New: Banking and payment protection: “Setting” in badge of secure browser (Secure all browsers) – opens GUI > Setup > Security tools
New: Product updates changes:
- Program component update > setting changed to “Application feature updates” (Feature updates numbering: 14.2, 15, 15.1 ,…)
- Hotfixes are applied also for disabled “Application feature updates” (Hotfixes numbering:,,..)
Improved: changed “license leaked” communication to “license overused”
Improved: Banking and payment protection: user experience to enable Secure All browsers from browser
Improved: Banking and payment protection: Badge smaller frame size
Improved communication if port 53535 is not allowed
Improved: Usability: Read out notifications by screen readers, fixed and added lot of elements to be read out by screen readers
Other improvements and bugfixing