ESET Antivirus for Linux Desktop Review ~ AV-Comparatives

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Jan 24, 2011
Is a real-time antivirus really need it for Linux OS right now?
I'm curios to see how many signitures ESET AV has for Linux specific malware because one of the reason why so many people will use a Linux OS is the fact that their is a very low chance of getting infected or having to deal with malware.
Slowly but certantly Linux is evolving and the thruth is that Windows is not prone to malware but the "malware" problem is just a consequence of the fact that it is the most used OS.I have no doubt that if Linux will become insanly popular,all the Linux users wil have to install an antivirus and will have all the problems that Windows user have right now, like dealing with software and OS vulnerabilities.
To be fair if I was running a Linux OS I would use ESET Antivirus for Linux just for one reason , to prevent an attack being pased on Windows users throught my system.


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Mar 15, 2011
Its still an optional if you want an AV in Linux, since its far from viruses like Windows and Macs, at least there is an AV if more malware will be produce in Linux and that's probably in the future.


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Apr 20, 2011
my opinion:
linux will be exposed to the virus in the future, as well as Mac OSX first, first mac can not get viruses, but? now. some have been there .. a few months away "might" be like windows too, and need a good AV to detect mac viruses:)


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Apr 17, 2011
Well it is good that ESET is now starting to give antivirus to Linux, but like Jack said is it really needed right now.


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Feb 28, 2011
McLovin said:
Well it is good that ESET is now starting to give antivirus to Linux, but like Jack said is it really needed right now.

Not really. It's still difficult to infect Linux machines.

And it's not a matter of of Linux not having the usership that Windows has that is the reason there aren't many viable Linux viruses. The fact that Linux rules the server world makes Linux a very worthwhile target. Probably even more-so than Windows.

It basically boils down to a few things:
Linux was designed to be difficult to infect.
The majority of Linux users are running as limited users.
The majority of Linux users only download software from managed repositories.
Countless people are looking at the Linux source code for weaknesses.
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