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Sep 13, 2018
ESET has a good reputation. Respectfully, you (general) might want to watch what you say, on a forum like this, calling antivirus by name is free word-of-mouth advertising, it represents the forum to the public and the community along with everyone else's opinion and further, you don't know who's reading. In the US, we have SLAPP, which is usually frivolous but can cause a world of regret. Even though ESET probably wouldn't stoop to this level, why push your luck? Free speech...…?

In other words, hush! Remember quietman7 and the Enigma thing at Bleeping Computer? It was settled but it was also costly in more than dollars and cents.


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Aug 15, 2018
devjit2018 SeriousHoax you guys have no idea how to run AV. When people turn PC on first thing they do is turn off real protection and go on internet and run all kind of viruses. This is what amazing youtubers do!! Now turn off real protection and run your .exe files and you will see how bad ESET is
This one's a masterpiece my friend. :ROFLMAO: But on a serious note, many people do disable the real time protection if they want to crack a game, software or to run a trainer. Then when the PC gets infected, the blame falls on the AV. :cry: Countless times I've told them that an AV is no good if you don't use the thing that sits between both your ears. :emoji_disappointed:

Mahesh Sudula

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Sep 3, 2017
This thread is moving out of the subject
@beavisviruses-> You have said your points from your view -fine . Leave the rest.But do not repeat the same points again and again.

Testers does videos based on certain conditions and boundaries.What you have said is true..but that doesn't occupy to every user out there!
YES ->Eset lacks BB -> Eset dynamic protection is poor / NO-> Every user will get affected due to these !
No AV out there is perfect, so is Eset. Stop Spamming the threads please.


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Oct 8, 2018
Here's another example:
This is a recent malware that's not detected by Eset's signature yet. But as soon as I execute the file, Eset is able to detect and remove the malware.
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this protection is not behaviur bloquer

Really? Why don't you take a look at the tests section of the MT hub? A request to all those who are genuinely involved in this thread. Please don't bother replying to beavisviruses. He's just a troll who comes in this forum to bash certain products like ESET, AVG, Avast. No much how much proof you show to him he'll not accept coz he fixes computers and so he knows better than all. So it's best to stick to the original thread the OP has posted and just ignore the unnecessary comments.

Finally the time has come for me to throw away or burn all my Microsoft and Cisco Certificates. Life is sooooo harsh guys. :emoji_sob:

@KonradPL Here's the latest test of ESET IS from the MT test hub. You can also check out all the other tests to see how ESET fares. :cool:

dinamic execution 0 xD Dat poor zero day protection
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