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Ease of use
Impact on hardware performance
Core protection (AV engine, Heuristic engine)
Internet protection (Web filtering, Anti-Phishing, Antispam, Browser extension)
Proactive protection (Behavior blocker, HIPS, Sandbox)
Ransomware protection
Most Features

Evjl's Rain

Level 45
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Malware Hunter
I would use kaspersky 2020 security cloud free. There is no difference between KSCF and KAV, almost
for internet security, you get antibanner, firewall and application+TAM
but I would tweak it for maximum performance possible. Default setting is too heavy for my liking
- File antivirus: Scan on execution
- Disable encrypted connection scanning
- disable script injection
- disable unnecessary components such as IM antivirus or mail antivirus if you don't use
- check performance submenu: uncheck all types of scan (idle, rootkit,...) and check anything with the word "Postpone...", check gaming mode, release resources
- wait a few days for it to collect enough cache

trust me, they won't lower your protection


Level 17
both programs are good.
I'm currently using Kaspersky and it's okay, I don't feel any slowdown or browsing.
Eset some time ago, I was also very happy with it and I had no problems with him
good detectability and there were no slowdowns in browsing the internet.
personally I would have a dilemma with a choice.
but because Kaspersky is free so I chose it.
Unfortunately, Eset is paid, and my license has ended, so I moved to kaspersky.
but both are good. :)


Level 20
I found only the 2020 version of KAV has caused a large (double) increase in ping & a 20% speed slowdown using any VPN I've tried, (the same now as KIS) this does not occur without a VPN. I'm going to try a couple of the tweaks above, but there are alternatives that don't cause this. I have no issues with ESET which has served me very well over many years & causes no issues whatsoever (Nor does NIS) :)


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Malware Tester
Kaspersky!, with @Robbie settings you can make it very light!



Level 3
Kaspersky!, with @Robbie settings you can make it very light!

Yeah at the expense of small bit protection ...

so at this point it is better to choose ESET
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