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Why would you want to change from ESET?
ESET even in its default settings offers good protection for average user.
v10 is actually a bit of system responsiveness improvement over v9.


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why change from ESET, give a look at Malware Hub and see how ESET performs, even default ESET gives you good protection and it's customable, you can tweak it to be sadistic serial killer for threats with violations in threat rights. and believe me it will not eat your PC performance, what else...

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I advice bitdefender total security.;)

:)Hello Again,Perhaps Kaspersky:both bitdefender and kaspersky are really good detection wise
Bitdefender has scored top in the last five years AV test.;)
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Don't change. Just add another layer of protection, like VoodooShield and AppGuard.

If you really want to change, I suggest Kaspersky Internet Security with Trusted Applications mode enabled. In this way, you'll get a default-deny model of protection.


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If you want to change an AV and you want to tweak the settings then i suggest to move to Comodo IS.
For me it's the king of tweaking:D.

Now about ESET i can suggest a couple of things you can change.
1st is the HIPS.You can change the setting to Smart Mode and it will alert you if something new is trying to launch to your system.
You can also use first training mode and after a week you can switch to
Interactive Mode which gives even more notifications than Smart Mode.

Another suggestion is to upgrade to Eset Smart Security.
There you can take advantage of the Eset Firewall which has some additional features that can make your security set up even better.

Now if you have decided to change from Eset to another security product my first suggestion is Emsisoft.
Very good protection package at default settings.

But to be honest whatever product you choose KIS, AVAST F-SECURE etc... i think you will be protected.

I hope i have helped;)
I´ve had problem with eset blue screens on windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Not understand why this wappens ( maybe version 8 and 9, trying test with 10 now ). Dont recomendo this software for a while.


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I would have to go with Emsisoft of Kaspersky, as they offer superior real-time 0-day protection. Eset's detection rates and web protection are very good though.