Advice Request ESET Online Banking feature - Have you tried it? Is it better than the competition?

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Jan 10, 2017
I have been using 360 Security for over a year now with no problems but I am now having to do lots of online banking and am not sure if I have enough protection with 360.
I have a trial version of ESET Smart Security Premium installed which has dedicated banking and payment protection.
I have noticed that other software such as Kaspersky, BitDefender,Comodo,F-Secure all have similar elements. Do these additional features actually give more protection ? An IT consultant friend says that these features are mainly 'cosmetic' . Is this so ?

Would welcome further advice and recommendations please, thanks.


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Jan 8, 2011
Online Banking Protection protects the user from Phishing, Insecure connections to stop eavesdropping and MITM, additional measures such as an isolated and secure environment stop loggers from collecting keystrokes and screenshots. Availability of features and functionality may vary between vendors, such as Kaspersky provides a Virtual Keyboard, whereas ESET does not.

  • Let's find out about ESET Banking and Payment Protection | Link
"Banking & Payment protection ensures that all online transactions are protected in a trusted and secured environment.

ESET Smart Security, ESET Internet Security, or ESET Smart Security Premium contain a built-in list of pre-defined websites that will trigger the ESET protected browser. The secured browser encrypts the communication between your keyboard and browser to provide additional security against keyloggers for banking transactions, credit card numbers and other sensitive personal data."

Not included in NOD32 Antivirus
  • Tom's Guide | Link
"There's no encrypted virtual keyboard to prevent keylogging intrusions, but ESET's Banking & Payments feature triggers a "hardened" browser window that encrypts all keystrokes and protects online financial transactions. Banking & Payments works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, and will disable extensions and add-ons."



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Dec 1, 2013
I used it on Version 10 smart security. I like it better than safezone of Avast and a lot better than KIS. Just my opinion.
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