ESS 6 vs NIS 2013

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With both AVs proving to be a huge improvement over their predecessors, which one improved so much that it actually became better than the other.


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My observation when used NIS before (no comments for EIS)

1) Light from the system even pre installed version.
2) Using their reputation service component that increase better detection.
3) Not so complicated version interface
4) No Slowdowns from boot time and shut down time.

The problem only was the removal time process could take a long depending on the situation.


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I would go for ESET Smart Security over NIS.

ESET AV detection is superior to Norton in my opinion. But Norton is using rep service so it makes up for the basic detection.

But when it comes down to the overall protection/usability I would go for the ESS.


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I would choose NIS. Has better prevention than ESET.

If given for free, I would try ESET again and NIS. If I had to buy, NIS.


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I would suggest Norton Internet Security.
It recently scores much higher than ESET in protection based on AV-TEST.
Plus, it is very light like ESET.

Even though there are more powerful AVs like Bitdefender and Kaspersky...
Based on my experience, they have a huge impact on performance that I switched back to Norton.

Sidenote: Norton is known for its owner Symantec, one of the largest security software corporations in the world. They are not only trusted by home users but also by companies and enterprises.

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