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Eset's "Submit Anonymous Statistics" is enable by default. Should I disable this for privacy issue?

What do you think?
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Here is a little more info that might help you:
From ESET said:
ESET Live Grid (built on the ESET ThreatSense.Net advanced early warning system) utilizes data that ESET users have submitted worldwide and sends it to the ESET Virus Lab. By providing suspicious samples and metadata from the wild, ESET Live Grid enables us to react immediately to needs of our customers and keep ESET responsive to the latest threats. Read more about ESET Live Grid in the glossary.

A user can check the reputation of running processes and files directly from the program's interface or contextual menu with additional information available from ESET Live Grid. There are two options:

  1. You can choose not to enable ESET Live Grid. You will not lose any functionality in the software, but, in some cases, ESET Smart Security may respond faster to new threats than virus signature database update.
  2. You can configure ESET Live Grid to submit anonymous information about new threats and where the new threatening code is contained. This file can be sent to ESET for detailed analysis. Studying these threats will help ESET update its threat detection capabilities.
ESET Live Grid will collect information about your computer related to newly-detected threats. This information may include a sample or copy of the file in which the threat appeared, the path to that file, the filename, the date and time, the process by which the threat appeared on your computer and information about your computer‘s operating system.

By default, ESET Smart Security is configured to submit suspicious files to the ESET Virus Lab for detailed analysis. Files with certain extensions such as.doc or .xls are always excluded. You can also add other extensions if there are particular files that you or your organization wants to avoid sending.

The ESET Live Grid setup menu provides several options for enabling / disabling ESET Live Grid, which serves to submit suspicious files and anonymous statistical information to ESET labs. It is accessible from the Advanced setup tree by clicking Tools > ESET Live Grid.

  • Participate in ESET Live Grid (recommended) – Enables / disables ESET Live Grid, which serves to submit suspicious files and anonymous statistical information to ESET labs.
  • Do not submit statistics – Select this option if you do not want to submit anonymous information gathered by ESET Live Grid about your computer. This information is related to newly detected threats, which may include the name of the infiltration, information about the date and time it was detected, the version of ESET Smart Security, information about your computer's operating system version and Location settings. The statistics are normally delivered to ESET servers once or twice a day.
  • Do not submit files – Suspicious files, resembling infiltrations in their content or behavior, are not submitted to ESET for analysis by means of ESET Live Grid technology.

Source: ESET Smart Security
Like other members said it's all about your personal preferences and how far you want to contribute ...


That is why i am asking the question
According to ESET "ESET Live Grid will collect information about your computer related to newly-detected threats."
Not collected information about your person if that's what you mean by "anonymous".
Also the IP that ESET knows, identifies your connection, not you.
ESET may not know your identity unless you knowingly provide your details.


Let me see if i can clear this up for most of the users reading these type of threads.

When you leave your home and step out into public, do you expect privacy? Do you expect people not to see what you are doing in public? Think on this for a minute, and then realize, when you connect to the internet, it is the exact same thing as leaving your house and going into public.

There is no such thing as privacy in either...

Now to the original question, as stated by others, by accepting to "Submit Anonymous Statistics" you are not only helping yourself, but others as well. This will allow the product to react faster with new emerging threats.

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I think people misinterpret wgat are those statistics. In case of AVs , they are just the number of threats detected/blocked/quarantined, suspicious files hashes, number of scans done , settings done, etc... not the contents of your latest doc file.
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