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According to an email that I've got from F-Secure Labs , they've just released F-Secure Internet Security 2013 for beta testing.

F-Secure Labs said:
Today is an important milestone in our non-stop Internet Security Technology Preview project! Our release today, ISTP version 61, will be our first Internet Security 2013 Beta release!

Starting with this version 61 we will start the beta piloting of our main consumer product. Throughout the beta piloting period the product name will be Internet Security Technology Preview.

Once the beta phase is over, our normal Internet Security Technology Preview project will continue as normal. All our users will continue receiving new versions of it as well as the latest virus definition updates.


Everyone who responded to our documentation survey: Thank you! We will analyze your answers and improve our communication & documentation accordingly!

New in ISTP version 61:

- Computer Security: Bug fixes, no new features
- Online Safety:
- Statistics for websites visited, blocked by Browsing Protection and blocked by Web filter
- Time limit based on the the amount of hours


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Thanks Jack for info,I have actively participated in 2012 beta version but now my machine and me don't dare to touch their product from 2012 version.
Terrible online installer and installing on computer takes hours its years....

I have installed it on windows 7 and it was unable to install on clean windows 7 and even chat support not able to solve my problem for 3 days.

Hope they will come with good 2013 version.

P.S. They don't release offline installer because of fear of they will get crack but i am not sure how many people like to install f-secure on their machine
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