Level 2
It was incompatible with kaspersky antivirus and SuperAntispyware and GridinSoft Anti-Malware.so i uninstalled it.


Level 11
As @soccer97 said, a clash between F-Secure and another full AV suite is expected behavior.

@blueblackwow65 where does your experience come from? I had F-Secure an all my desktops and laptops and didn't notice a slowdown. In fact, F-Secure is one of the few solutions that really don't feel like they have to announce their presence every other minute. Also, detection is great according to many voices here and elsewhere.


Level 18
I tried it and tested with certain malware and viruses ,just my findings. It is like Comodo but not free I found.It is better on stopping bad programs from starting. I also had to remove spywareblaster,and superantispyware both of these I do not use in realtime.
This is a great promo to try out F-Secure. A whopping six months! It's been awhile since I used it so I'm looking forward to trying it out again! :)