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    Sweet deal! I'm loving F-Secure SAFE these days, cannot say that enough. If you're looking for an AV without the heft of a firewall, this pretty much checks all the boxes.

    Is anyone willing to put SAFE through its paces in the Malware Hub? If I were eligible I'd volunteer to do the same but not quite there yet. The older tests of F-Secure were before they made some key changes, like the primary engine switch to Avira and tweaking DeepGuard to not care about local vs internet downloaded origin as much.
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    Can I ask, does the android app it include

    1. parental controls ?
    2. content filtering ?
    3. malicious URL blocking ?
    For Web Protect, NO. You must use the f-secure mobile browser to use Web Protect
    Correct! In that view it's actually a bit weak on Android but, personal I also use F-Secures VPN Freedome.
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