Update F-Secure XFENCE Free Beta, Next-Gen Mac Protection

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Jan 8, 2011
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F-Secure News: News & Press

Made available as F-Secure XFENCE, Little Flocker's technology will enhance F-Secure's corporate and consumer macOS security solutions by adding advanced behavioral malware blocking.

Helsinki, Finland – April 6, 2017: Cyber security company F-Secure has acquired Little Flocker, the most advanced security technology available for Macs, from a private app developer. Most Mac security solutions rely entirely on a traditional signature-based approach against malware, but cannot protect Mac users from modern targeted attacks.
Little Flocker protects Macs by using advanced behavioral based analysis, and monitors apps that attempt to access confidential files and system resources. It also detects and blocks Mac ransomware.
F-Secure will build Little Flocker's next-generation security engine into its new XFENCE technology. XFENCE will complement F-Secure's existing endpoint solutions to provide advanced behavioral Mac protection for both corporate and consumer customers.
Download F-Secure XFENCE Free Beta: F-Secure XFENCE

F-Secure XFENCE is an invaluable tool for anyone concerned about ransomware, spyware, or criminal hackers.
  • Real-time, aggressive protection against unauthorized access to your files
  • Monitor applications to ensure they aren’t misbehaving, and are respecting your personal privacy by staying out of files they shouldn’t be in
  • Protect your removable media from being accessed by applications without your permission
  • Choose which applications are allowed to use your webcam, and which can’t, block it completely, or require authorization for every use
  • Know when your microphone or webcam are in use, when an application is intercepting your keyboard presses or mouse clicks, or eavesdropping on your internet connection
  • Prevent malware from taking control of other programs on your computer, running from your home directory, or becoming persistent
  • Prevent applications from installing junk that runs at start-up, which can slow down your computer
  • Protect the pairing records your computer uses to talk wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices
Apr 10, 2017
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To what extent does this class of product duplicate/interfere with Apple technology such as XProtect?
Notwithstanding that, I'm looking forward to having XFENCE, HitmanPro.Alert/Intercept X and others available for macOS.


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May 10, 2017
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My concern is I don't see an official way to uninstall the XFENCE beta...
Feb 10, 2017
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My concern is I don't see an official way to uninstall the XFENCE beta...
Could always uninstall it via the registry if you're comfortable doing that.
Brain fart. Didn't register as MacOS in my mind even though I just read it. :oops: