Hot Take Facebook's Former Metaverse Czar Publicly Shreds the Company’s Mistakes


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Aug 17, 2017
"I keep saying how VR needs to displace all of these other devices," he added, noting that early adopters will buy in, well, early, but it needs to also "replace" laptops, tablets, and other seemingly-integral forms of consumer tech. "It needs to go ahead and say: well, if you buy the VR headset, you don’t need to buy this Chromebook, you can just attach a keyboard to it," Carmack continued. "You don’t need to buy this extra TV, you’ve got your big screen theater there. You don’t need this tablet, this is going to be able to run the Android apps directly there." Perhaps what's most "frustrating," the gaming pioneer added, is that "all of that is just right there for us." "It’s just a matter of doing it," he said.

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