New Update Firefox 106.0 Stable Release


Level 8
Jun 21, 2020
  • Addresses a crash experienced by users with AMD Zen 1 CPUs. (bug 1796126)
  • Fix missing content on some PDF forms (bug 1794351).
  • Fix column width for the Notification sub-panel in Settings (bug 1793558).
  • Fix a browser freeze with accessibility enabled on some sites such as the Proxmox Web UI (bug 1793748).
  • Fix page reloading not working with Firefox View and not refreshing synced data (bug 1792680 and bug 1794474).
  • Fix browser not opening if installed from the Windows Store (Bug 1796391).
  • Fix a startup crash for some users on Windows (bug 1797464).
  • Fixed an incompatibility with the new Windows 11 22H2 Suggested Actions feature resulting in hangs when copying text on a web page (bug 1774285).

  • A fix for incompatibility with the new Windows 11 22H2 Suggested Actions is known to cause pasting issues in Chromium applications. That’s Chromium bug 1379879 / Mozilla Bug 1798117, and we will be landing a workaround to avoid the Chromium bug on a future release. (still unresolved)
  • Fixed an issue with DRM Video playback (bug 1797292).
  • Fixed broken layout of datetime input when switching types (bug 1797139).
  • Fixes Firefox hanging when there is a Direct3D device reset (bug 1792115).
  • We are investigating an increase in crashes reported by users with Intel Gemini Lake CPUs (fixed in 106.0.5).
  • Addresses a crash experienced by users with Intel Gemini Lake CPUs.

Version 106.0.2 seems to be the only feature hotfix this time around, as FF106 introduced PDF editing without relying on BLINK/chromium. Which was long overdue, but that seems to be one of the few things that stand out to me.

I also use Firefox, since well before chromium was even a project. But It does boggle me what all these crashes happen. Mind you, I never had any of these issues or crashes, but for all I know it could also be due to my numerous changes in about:config and not knowing which one fixed it/worked around it without even realizing it throughout the years.
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Jul 29, 2017
I told you already before that even Edge has similar bug fixes every week again, just check release notes, so what does that mean about the quality development of Edge ;)

I am also an long time user of FF, my age is really same (year of birth: 1978), but I can't agree for feeling any kind of shame regarding Firefox nor Mozilla, IMO.
It's simple like that, just choose a different web browser and move on... No need for complaints, but feel free to start an extra thread in this forums section of Firefox.
I apologise if I polluted the thread, or went off-topic, it was not my intention.
Didn't want to start any argument and I completely agree with you, in the end, it is just a tool and everyone must use the right tool for the job or the one that works best for them.

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