Update Firefox 81.0.2 will be released today fixing a network error on Twitter


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Aug 17, 2014
Mozilla will release a new stable version of its Firefox web browser on October 13, 2020. Firefox 81.0.2 is a minor browser update that fixes a connectivity issue on Twitter that exists in previous versions of the web browser. The issue may prevent Firefox users from using the social messaging service.

The new version of Firefox is not available yet but will be released later today. Firefox 81.0.2 will be offered via the web browser's automatic updating functionality and also on the Mozilla website as a direct download (either full download or stub download that requires Internet connectivity). Both versions will upgrade existing stable installations of Firefox on the system when they are executed.

Firefox 81.0.2 addresses the Twitter issue only; users who don't use Twitter are in no rush to update to the new version, especially since the next major release, Firefox 82, is expected to be released on October 20, 2020. [...]

Firefox 81.0.2 addresses the issue so that Firefox users who use the version of the browser can use Twitter without receiving the network protocol violation error message.

Keep an eye on the official release notes; they are not published yet but will be later today.