Update Firefox 86.0.1 released, here is what is new


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Aug 17, 2014
Mozilla plans to release an update for its Firefox web browser later today. The new Firefox 86.0.1 will be pushed to the browser's stable channel to update Firefox 86.0 and older versions of the web browser to the latest version.

Firefox 86.0.1 is not available yet at the time of writing, but it will be released in the coming hours, provided that no stopper bugs are discovered before the release.

The new version of Firefox is a bug fix release; it does not include security updates.
Firefox 86.0.1 is released for all supported desktop operating systems. It includes five fixes, two of which address issues on specific operating systems.

The first patch fixes a crash on Linux devices that happens right after the launch of the browser. The bug listing over at Mozilla@Bugzilla lists Firefox 86 as affected, but Firefox ESR 78 as unaffected.

The second patch addresses an issue that occurs only on machines with Apple Silicon. Firefox could become unresponsive after the system went to sleep.

The three remaining bugs affect all operating systems:
  • One issue that could cause Firefox windows to gain or lose focus unexpectedly.
  • Another fixed the truncation of date and time widgets "due to incorrected width calculation".
  • The final fixed an unspecified issue "causing unexpected behavior with extensions managing tab groups".
Firefox users who are affected by at least one of the issues may want to upgrade to the new version of Firefox early. Since Firefox 86.0.1 is not a security release, it is not critical to update to the new version right away.