Firefox 91.0.1 fixes stability and security issues


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Aug 17, 2014
Mozilla will release Firefox 91.0.1 and Firefox 91.0.1 ESR later today. The two new versions of the organization's Firefox web browser fix security and stability issues of previous versions of the browser.

Firefox 91.0.1 will become available later today. It is already available on Mozilla's distribution server, but it is not recommended to install this version as there is no guarantee that it is indeed the final version.

Most Firefox installations will be updated automatically via the browser's built-in updating system. Downloads will also become available later today on the official Mozilla website.
Mozilla highlights four changes in Firefox 91.0.1, but not all information is available at this point. Firefox 91.0.1 comes with "various stability fixes" and a security fix. The security information is not yet available; it will be published after Firefox 91.0.1 has been released officially. Additional information about the stability fixes is not available either.

The two remaining issues are described in detail:
  • An issue caused buttons on the browser's tab bar to be resized when "certain websites" were loaded.
  • An issue caused tabs from private browsing windows to be visible in non-private windows when viewing "switch-to-tab results in the address bar panel".
Both of these bugs have been fixed and should not be experienced anymore by Firefox users once the browser has been updated to the new version.