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The new FF just released. Not many extensions supported though. 9 nos. of extensions supported as seen in the below screenshots

Get it from apkmirror in the link provided. It's pretty fast as few extensions are loaded and I have not tinkled with the preferences yet




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It's a stupid decision to release it to stable before they've finished supporting all the extensions. There's only a handful of Firefox for Android users out there, why disappoint them! Personally, I need CookieAutodelete along with uBlock Origin but the former is not available yet. I've been trying out the Nightly version for a long time and now disabled update for the stable version to keep the old one.


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Any idea when it is available in Google Store? FF beta is version 80. Tried FF beta, but could not find a setting to adapt the new tab page. I don't like browsers with no NTP configuration.

Maybe v79 user can show where to personalize new tab page

Unexpected surprise FF v69 seems to offer what I am looking for on mobile: configurable new tab (showing bookmarks), auto delete history on exit, block tracking cookies and 2 extensions (adblock for youtube and ublock with Kees1958 top 3000 and Aguard mobile ads filter) 👍
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