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Do you use Keylogger Beater with Mouse or Keyboard, and is it easy to use and get used to?
Does it prevent capture from malware (keylogger) and phishing (scam)?
@Crypto Have you tested with the free tools by Zemana and SpyShelter? Do you use the Mouse or Keyboard?


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Hi, I use Firefox as my primary browser on a PC running Windows 7 (if that matters), and I keep it updated. I use add-ons like

uBlock Origin

What Firefox add-ons do you use to harden your browser experince etc.?
Why flashblock? Read the description and it seems it only blocks flash.

Firefox does not have flash, unless you install it. Chrome has flash in-built ( and you can disable it)
So you can disable flash without an extension IMHO
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I'd like to add another thing: I wonder if ublock origin could replace all extensions we use .
I meant : it has many filters for tracking/ cookies /etc..
Furthermore if you open the logger of ublock you can see all the scripts etc of that webpage you are surfing , and block everything creating rules by clicking on those scripts

In the browser ( FF in my case, I know it better than chrome I think ) you can disable Dom storage , block third party cookies.. There is also a another filter againsy tracking but I can't use some website properly if I enable it


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uBlock Origin
EU's YourOnlineChoices plugin (probably pretty useless though)
Google Privacy

and (though not a Firefox extension) Ye Olde Peerblock
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it would appear umatrix has the capability of making self destructing cookies and a couple more of those extensions redundant.Might be worth a look.