Question Firewall Hardening: Should i block all lolbins or just use H_C Recommended?

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Dec 12, 2021
FYI: FirewallHardening doesn't include all LOLbins that is abused by malware in it's presets. I have personally manually added every single one and has so far not encountered a single false positive.
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Andy Ful

From Hard_Configurator Tools
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Dec 23, 2014
Will there be any false positives if I block them all?

Most users should apply only H_C Recommended. In this way, you can get 95% of the protection available via FirewallHardening with 5% of the required effort. Of course, you can fight for the last 5% if you like, but your effort can increase to 100%.:)
I know people who have many blocks related to explorer.exe.

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