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Aug 17, 2014
YouTube just launched a dedicated podcast page on its website. Limited to visitors from the United States at the time, it is designed as a central hub for all-things podcasts on the video streaming site.

Podcasts started as audio-only streams, but video podcasts have been on the rise lately. Most producers publish podcasts on several platforms, e.g., on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and some of the free podcast directories. Many upload podcasts in video form, either with still-images or a recording to YouTube as well.

Internet users from the United States may point their browser at to take a look at the first iteration of the Podcasts page on YouTube. Those from outside the United States may use a VPN connection to a United States city to gain access as well.

The rather bare-bones page uses YouTube's traditional design to highlight popular episodes and podcast playlists, recommendations, popular podcast creators, and podcasts in different genres such as Comedy, True Crime or Sports.

Most of the podcasts highlighted on the page may already be listed under recommendations and suggestions on YouTube's main website.

The provided controls are identical. Click or tap on a video to play it, or use the add to queue or watch later options to postpone the watching.

Compared to podcast directories of Apple and Spotify, YouTube's listing lacks functionality. There is no dedicated search option to search through podcasts only. While there are some categories, five in total, they pale in comparison to the categories and subcategories that other podcast directories have. A new and upcoming section is missing as well.

YouTube may very well be the biggest unintentional podcasting site on the planet, even if you discount the lack of audio-only podcasts on the site, but the general presentation on the site is convoluted because of a missing directory and entry point. Maybe that is why Google decided to create the Podcasts page on YouTube to streamline the experience by just a bit.

It is possible that work continues on the page to make it more attractive, e.g., by adding a dedicated search option, more categories and the aforementioned new and rising section.

For now, it may be more a show of good will regarding podcasts on YouTube's part than something that podcast fans can work with to improve their experience on YouTube.

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