FMA Intel-Secure CBAD Cloud Antimalware 2014 (BETA 2 FREE Version)

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Jul 1, 2014
Reported error Emsi / Bitdefender
and corrected by Emsisoft.
Here the email contact:

On 11/21/2014 4:01 PM, wrote:
> Error message by Emsisoft IS9
> It is, FMA Intel-Secure Cloud CBAD Antimalware 2014 (BETA
> 2 FREE version)>
> Malwrn analsye here:>

Hello xxxxxxx,
Thank you for contacting us about this issue. However the file is not
being detected by Emsisoft products. Please make sure you are using the
latest online updates. If you still encounter a detection, please supply
the detection name as well as the exact file mentioned in the alert.
Best regards,
Elise xxxxxxxx
Malware Analyst

Sorry, Your Answer
is not correct.
when FMA-cloud scanner is installed.
Then Emsi IS responds with the following

The program is not malware,
Can you help me
because of the F / P message?
Best regard

Thank you for the additional information. I've been able to confirm this. As this is a detection by our Bitdefender engine, I have forwarded the file to them for analysis. Any false-positive found during analysis will be fixed ASAP (usually within 24 hours).
Best regards,
Elise xxxxxx
Malware Analyst
Emsisoft Ltd -

Now I have no error message
Emsi IS 9 Thanks to Elise xxxxxx
Malware analyst from Emsisoft Ltd -;)

Av Gurus

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Malware Hunter
Sep 22, 2014
Cloud still not working? :(



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May 11, 2013
@Av Gurus @Xtwillight

First of all thanks for submitting the files to the AV vendors and yes they are FP's.
In regards to the cloud we are working on it and we are working hard to get it back online.
Currently we are also adding another server, i personally figured while its offline we might as well update the whole package and add some new servers to increase capacity.
So it remains offline till we are done, now i expect this all to be over very soon but i am only going to put it back online the moment i got the word go, keep in mind my team are humans to lol.

Kind Regards Nico


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May 11, 2013
Little update:

CBAD will soon be online, it takes a bit longer then planned but i rather have everything working then running into bugs.
So bare with us.

Secondly users report the current version of CBAD as potentially malicious due to VT detection FP's:
I did several times submit our software , to all the vendors. The detection is done based upon reputation and not if the file is malicious. Our file is clean and totally trustworthy, yet rep based detection will trigger FP and while i have submitted our software a gazillion times they keep detecting it as potentially malicious.
Some AV vendors are just plain annoys me to crap.


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May 11, 2013
Update: Malware Submission System is now in place.

While it still looks basic the function is working greatly.
We are also adding a blog and forum which should be ready soon.
In regards to CBAD we having a difficult time with getting it online, we are working hard to iron out some bugs and i have made sure that the program is not being released before its ready.
Obviously it has taken up much more time then anticipated, yet external factors which i am not going to discuss here did put a serious strain on our development. We did totally overhaul our servers and rebuilded everything from the ground up and that was and is a really time consuming process.
Anyway stay tuned.


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May 26, 2014
No problems Nico, we just all look forward to seeing it come back online again. It so far has proven to be beyond all expectations and standards. CBAD, as well as all software you've made public so far has been, simply put, a marvelous success! It makes me wonder how quickly you are going to become rich to be honest. ;)

Anyways, can't wait to get that notification email telling me your services are back running :D

In the meantime everyone, you can as Nico mentioned, post your zipped folders of malware samples to if you are feeling froggy :rolleyes:


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May 11, 2013
Hello Guys.

First of all sorry for me not being able to wish you all happy christmas and a happy new year, but due to private reasons i did take some time off as family matters did take a heavy toll on me.
That being said in regards to CBAD i personally expect it to be online very soon, but development of software is never easy.
One moment its ready and bug free and suddenly you find a critical bug that you did not notice earlier.
As mentioned some weeks ago the software should already be online yet i simply refuse to put a 95% ready program online.
If things go wrong or people lose data due to the fact that there is a critical bug then its my fault and i do not want that.
And as such i will not release the program before every single critical bug is fixed and if that means i have to postpone the launch another month (i sincerely hope not lol) then so be it.

Anyway now you guys know.



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May 11, 2013
Hello everyone,

I got news and this news is as bad as it gets.
As of this moment i will discontinue CBAD Cloud.
Being attacked every single day, losing my data even on a secondary server and losing my backups, is to much for me.
Tonight i was attacked again and lost everything, while i was actually bringing the CLOUD online.
Yes literally 1 hour before i would officially go online with the final version, everything went apeshit.

So CBAD Cloud has been stopped.
It pains me to see how such a promising project gets destroyed by external factors.
That said i will in the next few days work on a CBAD Anti Malware (Without cloud) and i will probably also rename it to a different name.
How what and where i cannot say right now as i am really pissed, but FMA Intel-Secure will continue.
In regards to PR-Guard everything is fine and the program is almost finished as final version.
System hardening shield will be halted for the time being in favor of a antimalware and pr-guard.
I will keep you guys updated and i will see what i can salvage, but take my word for it i lost alot.


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Jan 22, 2015
OMG this is such the worst new I've heard these days. Though I've just joined recently but I've watched this forum since Tiranium satrted introducing them here. Hope that this project would come back someday :) .. Why such bad guys like breaking others' passion :(


Level 38
Dec 4, 2013
Nico, thank you for this update. *sigh*:( Although I cannot diminish the gravity and frustration resulting from what has come of being sabotaged directly by the attacks,:mad: I will say that the purpose behind all of your hard work, including that of your team, is more evident now than it has ever been to us before. The inexorable fact that you will continue to strive in the development of your other projects is meaningful, and cannot be denied by any malfeasant. Your decision today was necessary, and we will continue to support you, buddy!:)

Rahadian Putra

Level 9
Jan 28, 2014
Dang, I was hoping CBAD gonna online soon, but sigh..this bad guy really pissed me off! :mad:
I just don't get it..what's the point they had :confused: but yeah..I can imagine how these things gave frustration to you and your team, like @Cats-4_Owners-2 said...probably your decision today was necessary, keep your energy for future project, who knows you gonna make this project again in the future with better idea and innovation :rolleyes: (which I hope so)
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Behold Eck

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Jun 22, 2014
Sorry to hear of your news buddy,bad day for the white hats.

What doesn`nt kill ya makes ya stronger and all that...

Good to hear that there`s future projects still brewing.

Courage mon ami.

Best regards Eck:)
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