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Aug 17, 2013
I am looking for some suggestions for some folder locking software , free or paid , it doesn't matter.

The software does not necessarily have to "hide" the folders but is is very important that the folders are inaccessible.
I know when using a lot of this type of software even though most companies boast that the folders are inaccessible or are encrypted when in reality the folders can be accessed via the command prompt or in safe mode . I am looking for something that will make the folder completely inaccessible.

All suggestions are welcomed.

BTW, I already know Bitlocker is an option but I would rather not encrypt an entire drive just to secure one or two folders.


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Aug 17, 2014
For my personally the best solution from the past: Secure Folders, it still works on my VM (Windows 11 x64).

You might heard about Wise Folder Hider, available as free version and even as paid for Pro version (Note: I tried only the free version)
Hide, encrypt, or lock your personal files, photos, videos, and other important private data on Windows PCs and laptops. Protects against unauthorized reading, writing, renaming, and deletion.


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Jun 24, 2016
In my opinion, the best alternative for hiding or encrypting files is Veracrypt. Freeware and open-source.

It is based on TrueCrypt, fixing many known issues the aforementioned had. It uses powerful encryption, such as AES, Serpent and Twofish; or a combination of these.

It can encrypt a whole drive/partition, as well as create and encrypt "containers" which basically are folders with media mounted as a partition.

Main features:


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Jan 4, 2012
You can make a VHDX (Hyper-V) drive and encrypt it with Bitlocker. Auto-mount it or not. Place everything that needs to be private/encrypted there. I find that the best possible solution.
No need for any additional software (except Windows 11 Pro edition).
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