Battle For anti Ransomware should I purchase or install AppCheck or NeuShield?

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Feb 22, 2022
I just noticed some files are inaccessible! Neushield changed permissions of files on my pc too. how you manually fixed the permissions?
The problem with my files was the wrong owner. I used something like this.



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Dec 21, 2017
The problem with my files was the wrong owner. I used something like this.

How to use this command? takeown /f folder1\folder2\*
what is folder1 and folder2


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Feb 22, 2022
How to use this command? takeown /f folder1\folder2\*
what is folder1 and folder2

i tried taking ownership of those folders but still i can't open those files, then finally reinstalled neushield, now i can access those files!

You will need to use the command prompt with admin rights. It is supposed to take ownewrsahip of all files in the path, not only the folder. For instance, if you had protected a folder named FilesD you would use "takeown /f FilesD/* /r" without the "". Use the /r to do it recursively.

Of course this was the solution to my case. It is better for you to check what permissions or ownership of files and folders you got wrong.

For better understanding take a look at this:


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Oct 25, 2018
My ultimate solution is as follows.

First, I install Windows, install missing or update drivers, and install Windows update. Then, I create a full system image using Aomei Backupper Pro.

I install all the software I need and do my configuration then create another full system image.

Regarding my personal files, I have them synced to my OneDrive and I access them when needed. The other important files are also stored on my external hard drive.

Now let's say I got hit by a ransomeware, all I need to to is to restore system image and ta da, a clean system with everything installed and configured. My files are safe in the cloud, too. If any files that are store on the cloud get encrypted, I can always restore the previous clean version thanks to OneDrive versioning feature.

Thus, in my opinion, if you practise good habits and have backups, you do not need to have anythings besides your security suite for protection.
If all you have to protect are files, then your default-allow solution may suffice. Unfortunately, a lot of us have things like online banking, investments, emails, and social media accounts.
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Oct 9, 2016
NeuShield do have a few cons

1) It works with fixes drives only. Removable drives not supported
2) It only supports NTFS partitions
3) It works great with AV/AM which has ransomware protection without encrypted files rollback
4) No automatic file restoration
5) Like all other ransomware protection products folders/files not protected are subject to encryption by ransomware
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