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Got a changelog?

FortiClient 5 can also be downloaded from (web installer), and is available for Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

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Through the online installer( (web installer)) version 5.0.5 yet put

Sure you're not trying to promote
No. Updates on this site for all programs occur regularly. It is in Russian, and I use this.

only Release Notes (5.0.5)


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From what I know, Web Installers can install the latest versions without need the installer to be updated.

Anyway, I linked the official site in case of any Mac users, or other OS users had interest.


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Changelogs have been updated:
FortiClient (Windows) v5.0 Patch Release 6
• Improved usability of the repackager tool
• Repackaged clients can be upgraded
• Option to drop IPv6 traffic when an IPsec VPN connection is established. IPv4 traffic is sent through the tunnel or otherwise, depending on whether split tunnel is used.

Please Note: Vulnerability Scanner (Vulnerability Scan) and firewall applications (Application Firewall) with version and above has been removed for unmanaged clients. FortiGate administrators can enable the display of these functions (for FortiClient) for the registered FortiGate users, so that these functions are still available but are no longer free.

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tapoo said:
not for free users :(
Free features of FortiClient for Windows:

Antivirus and antispyware
• Protection against the latest viruses, spyware and malware.

Parental control / web filter
• Lock, resolution, prevention and monitoring of Web traffic based on categories of websites.

Remote access (IPsec and SSL VPN)
• Secure Virtual Private Network.
• Support for multiple gateways for one tunnel.

Managing clients with FortiGate
• Automatic registration of endpoints.
• Enable / disable real-time antivirus protection.
• Management / deployment configuration of a web filter and firewall applications.
• Deploy configuration VPN (IPsec / SSL).

So the free version still offers the best feature "web filter" which has been proven to have excellent zero-day malware protection.

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^^yes, its free, i know that and tested years ago, and found that URL protection is real good, detection rate is also good enough. i was just telling that the updated version is not for free users