[BET POLL] By what margin will the 2017 free antivirus winner beat the 2nd place?

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Am going to kick this off by voting for Avast. After acquiring AVG's technologies it's become extremely good, and thus my switch from 360 Total Security :)

Avast / AVG have an incredible good cloud, and their BB is able to block most threats.
I also like the 30-seconds-sandbox feature.

Qihoo 360 TS(E) has lost ground in terms of signatures and protection against more sophistacated threats like fileless malware, but also ransomware.


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FortiClient is the easy winner IMO.

Most specifically, now that it has a HitmanPro-Alert like anti-exploit system in it - for free. In addition to over the last year they've added anti-botnet and some other technologies. All for free. Best of all, virtually no telemetry goes out from it.

My second choice is Kaspersky Free, no contest there for second place IMO.