Free second opinion scanner [2018] - 2 choices

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List of apps to compare
CCE vs Dr.Web Cure iT! vs EEK vs herdProtect vs MBAM vs NPE vs SAS vs Xvirus vs ZAM vs Others
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality
Why I want to compare these apps
MT members recommendation for layered security


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So going through a lot of effort to analyze and pick-and-choose "What is best second-opinion AV ?" is not going to add much to overall security. The difference between one and the other might be, perhaps, 1/100, at best.
Something is better than nothing. Let's not come to an assumption, that anyone who stumbles on this thread is a geek. Again, there is no best here and hopefully it could help newbies to make a decision instead of throwing them a handful of recommendations. Every year there could be some product that shines better than the others, like Kaspersky this year or Avast last year for free AV. That's why an yearly poll could be helpful. Most people don't have the patience to read through 100's of threads, instead they just look at a poll and choose. I work in Consumer Research dept., that's atleast what I can see from the statistics. There's hardly anything we can do to help here.
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