Operating System
Android 6.0.1
Device model
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Current issues and symptoms
The notification for that pop up is louder than it should be.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I've tried AVG, Norton and Kaspersky to name a few.


New Member
I don't know what's going on but despite my attempts using several well known anti virus apps like AVG and Kaspersky, I just can't track where these pop ups come from. I think it's an app but I don't wanna go deleting them one by one to see which it is so if anyone can help me out, I'll be grateful. I can post pictures of the Pop Up upon request.


Staff member

Have you recently installed any apps that may have your suspicions? Such as battery savers, file cleaners, lockscreen apps?

Did they appear after installing an app?

Are the pop-ups appearing on-screen, whilst using any apps, in the notification bar, or on the lockscreen?

What do these pop-ups look like?