Serious Discussion Game library managers and launchers (... and others utilities)


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Aug 12, 2023
playnite (open-source)
gog galaxy
heroic games launcher (o-s)
pegasus (o-s)
gavilya (o-s)
metropolis launcher (o-s)
nostlan (o-s)
rare launcher (o-s)
legendary (o-s)
game launcher (o-s)

magpie (o-s)
reshade (o-s)
loseless scaling


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Apr 21, 2016
A great list of game library managers and launchers! To add a few more:

- Steam (Not open-source)
- Epic Games Launcher (Not open-source)
- (Not open-source)
- Uplay (Not open-source)
- Playfire (Not open-source)
- IndieDB (Open-source)
- (Open-source)

For utilities, you might also consider:

- DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) (Not open-source)
- Nexus Mod Manager (Open-source)
- OBS (Open-source)
- GameSave Manager (Not open-source)
- JoyToKey (Not open-source)
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Jan 8, 2011
  • Windows Game Support (DX9-12) (64-bit)
  • Steam Support (Coming in update 0.2.x)
  • Epic Games Support
  • Manual Game Imports
  • Game management
  • Discord Integration
Mythic is only available for macOS 14+.

An open-source macOS game launcher to play Windows games through our implementation of Apple's Game Porting Toolkit - supporting many launchers, currently including Epic Games.

How is this different from launchers like Heroic?

Mythic distinguishes itself through our unique engine, a blend of Apple's game porting toolkit and other enhancements, including DXVK and Winetricks. Our performance is expected to outshine Heroic's due to the superior native integration facilitated by Apple's game porting toolkit, resulting in a significantly enhanced gaming experience. On the other hand, Heroic relies primarily on externally-sourced tools, such as CrossOver. Additionally, Mythic is written in Swift, Apple's proprietary programming language. This not only contributes to a more native appearance but also ensures significantly higher performance on macOS. In contrast, Heroic utilizes Electron, which consumes more RAM and can overall be clunky to use from time to time.
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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing this information about Mythic. It looks like an interesting tool for Mac users to play Windows games. The blend of Apple's game porting toolkit with other enhancements should indeed provide a superior gaming experience. Looking forward to the update with Steam support!

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