Latest changes
Aug 9, 2020
Daily driver
My Primary device
Operating system
Windows 10 Pro
OS version
Version 20H2 Build 19042.423
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Account privileges
Administrator account
Account type
Sign in with associated Microsoft ID
Account log-in
  • Windows Hello Fingerprint
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Exposure to malware
    No malware samples are downloaded
    Real-time Malware protection
    Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
    Simple Windows Hardening
    SpywareBlaster 5.7 Private Beta with MS Edge support
    HomeCare by Trend Micro on TP-Link Archer AX6000 router
    RTP configuration
    Disabled scanning of websites with an EV certificate.
    Less notifications and no sounds.
    Periodic scanners
    Browser and Add-ons
    Microsoft Edge with uBlock Origin, Bitwarden, Microsoft Editor and Kaspersky Protection
    Privacy tools and VPN
    O&O ShutUp10 at almost all recommended settings, SpywareBlaster all protection enabled, MS Edge Tracking Prevention on Strict and uBlock Origin
    Password manager
    Bitwarden Premium
    Search engine
    Maintenance tools
    Autoruns, CCleaner, PrivaZer Donors version, PatchMyPC, SUMo and Driver Easy Pro
    Photos and Files backup
    Windows File History on external drive (weekly)
    OneDrive with Microsoft 365 ransomware protection (always on sync)
    File Backup schedule
    Automatically sync to the cloud
    Backup and Restore
    Windows system image
    Backup schedule
    Once or more per year
    Computer Activity
  • Online banking
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Streaming movies, TV shows and music from the Internet
  • Shared computer is used by other family members
  • Office and other work-related software (Work from Home)
  • Recording and editing video or photos
  • Computer Specifications
    Acer Aspire VN7-791G-576X
    Intel Core i5-4210H
    Intel HD Graphics 4600 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
    Kingston 16GB Dual-Channel DDR3 PC3-12800 RAM
    Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 250GB
    Seagate HDD ST1000LM014-1EJ164 1TB
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Your changelog
    2020.02.23 removed VoodooShield and uBlock Origin and added Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and AdGuard (extension).
    2020.03.09 removed AdGuard and Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and added Hard_Configurator beta uBlock Origin and the Netcraft extension. replaced Bandizip with Explzh because of the advertisements in the free version.
    2020.03.22 removed Hard_Configurator, kept ConfigureDefender, DocumentsAntiExploit and RunBySmartscreen.
    Added NoVirusThanks SysHardener, VoodooShield and the Certificate Info extension.
    2020.03.28 added Ziggo safe Online and Hard_Configurator and removed SysHardner.
    2020.03.30 removed CCleaner Pro
    2020.04.05 installed HC 5.0.01 beta with recommended settings. Removed VoodooShield.
    Tried to minimize extensions: replaced uBlock Origin with AdGuard and removed Certificate Info and Netcraft. Added Microsoft Editor. All extensions are now from the Microsoft Store except Browsing Protection by F-Secure (installed automatically).
    2020.04.22 Removed Ziggo Safe Online and Hard_Configurator Trying Windows Defender with Comodo Firewall.
    2020.05.04 removed Comodo Firewall and installed Emsisoft Ant-Malware Home.
    2020.05.08 replaced Emsisoft Anti-Malware with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
    2020.05.18 replaced KSC Free with WD and uninstalled some browser extensions.
    2020.07.05 back to Bitwarden and Bitdefender TrafficLight and WhitelistCloud added.
    2020.07.08 switched form WhitelistCloud to VoodooShield Pro. Went from uBlock Origin to AdGuard.
    2020.07.15 Back to KSC Free.
    2020.08.09 added SpywareBlaster 5.7 Private Beta with MS Edge support.


    Level 10
    Did a clean install of Windows 10 version 20H2 Build 19042.423.
    Got SpywareBlaster 5.7 Private Beta with MS Edge support from javacool at Wilders.
    SpywareBlaster - there is a blast from the past. I used this for a long time, javacool were good at what they did IMO. Some AVs clashed with it so I stopped using it, it would be good to know if it still does does its job well.


    Level 32
    how is spywareblaster so far after you added, considering it can be irrelevant due to your current security configuration. If you were running Windows Defender, then i would fully agree having SB in the system.
    Well it still is a simple added layer of browser protection.
    It blocks stuff like tracking cookies (example double-click) and scripts (example coin miners).
    You can see the blocked items in the program itself and in the settings of the (supported) browsers.
    No magic but less work for your adblocker and antivirus program.
    It's more like privacy tools and system hardeners, you can do it yourself but not that easy.


    Level 32
    Block 3th party cookies in browser.

    Mainstream browser do that already.

    stay secure, not paranoid ;)
    Well I do block third party cookies, but sometimes it's not easy.
    Microsoft Teams on the web is a difficult one with third party cookies blocked.
    Some media also need third party cookies to play.

    I hope I stay secure and a little bit paranoid ;)
    All those data leaks these days fuel my healthy paranoia :D