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I am trying it in my spare machine and so far so good, except the Firefox extension that doesnt install at all.

The initial installation process is very slow, but the system impact seems to be below average.
If the extension is not installing then download it from this link using something other than Firefox. Then drag and drop it in the Add-ons windows of Firefox and that should do it. But the extension slows down browsing speed in my opinion. Let me know what you think: G-Data Firefox Extension


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Fake news. It is 100% easy to get the license unlocked. They have phone support. I've called them US Time, and usually it's 4 in the morning there and someone always answers by the third ring. They'll unlock the license straight away, over the phone.

Try it, call them right now and a human will answer.

+1 (844) 257 - 6050
Thx. Seems you like GDATA. What are your opinions on GDATA suite vs Kaspersky suite?

Other than the US spying spat, I would like to know more technical details of why you think GDATA would be better?
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Mahesh Sudula

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In this context, I vote kaspersky.
I see a drastic reduction in G data static scans in current MT Hub packs down by 50-60% .. Though been taken care by Pro active protection on execution + Engine B
Bit defender signatures are down from recent months. Time to change engine to other vendor which has great signatures like Eset.

Mahesh Sudula

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Combining both engines?
No BD engine itself . Remember BD Sdk contributes major signatures at least in the past.
Calculation would be pack of 100 samples on average I get 30-50 around from Engine B.. Rest is null ( from Engine A)... Like 50% static detection. Remember I'm not considering on execution proactive status.. Only Signatures. Pro active is another storyline.


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I installed the from this link but still got the installed, not a big deal, but interesting anyway.

I dont know why the official brazilian website isnt offering the portuguese installer version (latin america).

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