Latest changes
Jul 4, 2020
Daily driver
My primary device
Operating system
Linux or Unix
OS build or version
Manjaro KDE
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Update and Security
Allow all automatic updates
User Access Control
Not applicable to macOS or Linux
Firewall and Network protection
Built-in Firewall is active
User permissions
Standard account
User account
Local account only
options
  • Account Password
  • Malware exposure
    Malware samples are downloaded on a Virtual machine
    Real-time Malware protection
    Modified security settings
    Periodic scanners
    Browser and Extensions
    • Bitwarden browser extension
    • uBlock Origin with CNAME uncloaking (block WebRTC & CSP)
    Arch Chromium:
    • uBlock Origin
    • Bitwarden
    Privacy tools and VPN
    ProtonVPN through LInux/OS OpenVPN integration
    Password manager
    Search engine
    Google and Duckduckgo
    Maintenance tools
    Built-in Linux tools
    Feral Gamemode
    Photos and Files backup
    Google Drive
    File Backup schedule
    Automatically sync to the cloud
    Backup and Restore
    Backup schedule
    Once or more per week
    Computer Activity
  • Playing computer games
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Regularly installing new software every week
  • Streaming movies, TV shows and music from the Internet
  • Testing security software using malware samples
  • Downloading files from different websites
  • Office and other work-related software (Work from Home)
  • Recording and editing video or photos
  • Learning computer languages or creating apps
  • Computer Specifications
    Acer Predator Helios 300 (G3-571-77QK):
    • i7-7700HQ
    • GTX 1060 6GB
    • 16GB DDR4
    • 256GB SSD
    • 1TB HDD


    Level 13
    Malware Tester
    Same config from the last year, the only major difference is that I dropped Chrome completely in favor of Firefox.
    BTW some day Chrome's Software Reporter Tool was eating 50% of my CPU without even having it open, I hated that so much I ended importing everything to my FF account and removing it completely. I kept Edge Chromium as a backup if I ever found a bad-designed website that deliberately block non-chromium users.


    Level 13
    Malware Tester
    Lovely config, just seen you use Chocolatey too, looks like a really easy GUI to navigate around.

    It's just live having apt on Windows, clean and efficient

    I would add Configure Defender ( High) to WD. Make an image then try it. The support here by Andy Ful is exceptional......
    I'm no longer using WD but forgotten to update the config