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Ghostery is a popular privacy/anti-tracking add-on supporting major web browsers, including both Firefox and Chrome. However, Ghostery has not been without its critics and has elicited a fair amount of controversy along the way.
A recent update to Ghostery for Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox introduces a new option that is almost certain to add to the controversial nature of the extension. The option introduces a messaging tool, Evidon (the makers of Ghostery) call it Consumer Messaging Platform, which allows the company to message users directly within the web browser.

Full article. Ghostery Adds New Sneaky Promotional Messaging System


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The CMP (Consumer Messaging Platform) was introduced in Ghostery 5.4.6, as part of their updated Privacy Statement.

You can read more:
GHOSTERY New in 4.5.6
This messaging system and can be turned off at any time by accessing the advanced tab of the options menu.
GHOSTERY Updates to Browser Extension Privacy Statement
The big addition with 5.4.6 was the launch of the Customer Messaging Platform (CMP). The CMP lets us message our users directly in their browser with product announcements, promotions, and other appropriate notifications.

The CMP evaluates your IP address, browser, operating system, and Ghostrank status to figure out where you are located and what technology you are using so can we do logical things like serve you messages in the correct language or inform you of new product features for your browser of choice.
The CMP is ON by default, but in the Advanced Settings it can be turned OFF.

As of 15th September, the latest version of Ghostery is currently 4.6.8.
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