Updates Giara - reddit app client for Linux (made by GNOME)


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Jan 8, 2011
Homepage: Giara - A GTK app for Reddit
GitLab: Projects · World / Giara
At this current stage Giara is already usable, with most of the main features you’d expect from a reddit app to work.

It’s not 100% done, tho. It still needs to reach feature parity with the reddit web client, as features like awards, polls, galleries and private messages are still to be implemented. I’m also working on improving performance, as the app tends to be slower than I would prefer sometimes. All of these missing features and improvements are up next in my to-do list.

The app has also been recently moved to the World group in GNOME’s GitLab, and I’m incredibly happy for it!
Source: Giara is a reddit app for Linux – Gabriele Musco's Dev Log