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i wonder if i can change dns when i use Mobile Data on my smartphone
i can do it very easly under wifi , but very often i use Mobile Data
and i haven't found a solution to use custom dns

the point is to use open dns family or other dns to block some sites, violent, porno , guns in short everything a kid should not watch

is there a easy way to change the dns on mobile data?
i have a iphone 8 too
is a good idea using custom dns as a sort of parental control or should buy an application?
best regards


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in short i need an application for android and ios
can i install an android application under ios?
IOS is build differently than android you need to find alternatives as it's not possible to install android app on IOS.
Android uses java for it's programs. IOS has their own programming language (I believe it's called Objective-C but don't take my word for it)


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You need a VPN to change mobile data dns in Android.
On iOS, I don't think it's possible. But I'm not sure.


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Jailbreak is not rooting, it's a completely different process. I know what I'm talking about. I own a rooted android myself.
He is right,
Android people = root device
You need to root in order to be superuser with massive privileges.
iOS = jailbreak it
You need to jailbreak iOS in order to install third party software.

I should've said "iPhone 8 is to new to have a jailbreak yet though"