Glad I Found You Despite Circumstances

Hey, I’m ___ and from
North America
Age group
Over 51
Last known PC infection
Over 5 years ago or never
Fav. Web Browser
Google Chrome
Fav. Mobile OS
Fav. Desktop OS
Fav. Antivirus
Fav. Videogame
Don’t play video games
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Nov 3, 2023
Greetings to you all. Thanks to my own idiocy in following through on a bogus scam email (and I have NEVER done it before), I got trapped in scheme that quickly became suspicious to me. I Googled, found a terrific article written by Thomas Orsolya that helped me recover before too much damage occurred and wanted to share my experience. Hence, I discovered this site and now need to find a thread that will accommodate my thoughts.


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Apr 28, 2015


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Nov 3, 2023
Many thanks for your welcoming words. 😊. Now that I’m more aware of the scope of interests covered at MT, I confess that most of what I read could have been written in hieroglyphics and my grasp of the posts would have been the same. Huh? 🤔🤷‍♀️. The only video game I’ve ever played was Mario Brothers in the early 80s. Oh, and I worked for Franklin Computer before they filed for bankruptcy but as a writer of words, not code. My son is a freelance webmaster and fixes any of my phone and computer issues, always telling me “Mom. Do.Not.Touch.Anything until I come over.” (Oh ye of little faith). He most likely is familiar with MT as a resource but if not, I’ll educate him. I realize this is not a typical post for your community but I didn’t want to disappear without thanking the “Welcoming Committee” of MT members, I’m more knowledgeable just by locating your website. I hope something goes horribly wrong with either my phone or computer that stymies my son so I can reappear here with a legitimate reason pertinent to you brainiacs. 🧠🧠🧠. I’ll work on learning your language. 💻💿🎮. 👋

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