Good Free VPN - Is there such a thing?

  • Yes

    Votes: 31 50.8%
  • No

    Votes: 30 49.2%
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Crypto Storm which provides a fully anonymous way of using it (tokens) and doesn't collect any data such as emails, passwords, names, etc. has a free version called Crypto Free which offers the same benefits at a data-cap though. Including it doesn't log anything when in use.


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I highly recommend ProtonVPN: Secure and Free VPN service for protecting your privacy which is made by the creators of ProtonMail if you have ever heard of them. Also Windscribe is pretty good too, they have 50 GB free promo code if you google for it, I also think it is on the MalwareTips giveaways somewhere. It also has more servers than ProtonVPN but in my opinion is less secure than ProtonVPN. Proton VPN has unlimited usage too, but only 3 locations at the moment. USA, Japan, Netherlands. I am using ProtonVPN at the moment.


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I voted no but I am impressed with Protonvpns free plan. Windscribe give generous data allowance but surely they have some way of making this free tire expense work? Despite living in a country where (mostly illegal, movie streaming & torrent) websites are blocked almost daily I've never used Tor(cheapest solution perhaps). Paid for a vpn.


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Try leaving Windscrbe running and add the browser extentionfir Chrome or Firefow and navigate through the ext to Windflix and it should work. :)
Thanks, good to know! Never payed any attention to the Windflix extension before. Just running the VPN app on my desktop. Thought it odd that Netflix detected the VPN.

Normally watch Netflix in living room on set top appliance. No VPN there, or on the router, so no worries. But I do understand the need to bypass international limitations! (y)


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I would like for someone to suggest to me a good free VPN. If anyone could help that would be sweet, I had betternet VPN on my machine and it stopped working, tried removing it and reinstalling.... No dice...
No. Free VPNs either sell user data to third parties, monetize user data themselves and can host malware. All those servers, bandwidth and skilled people to run and maintain them have to be paid. The math just doesn't work where free VPNs are involved. Legitimate VPNs are either freemium or paid. That's the way it is in the privacy business.


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I have Windscribe VPN sort of free for 50 Gigs a month and am very happy with it since I found out it works with Netflix USA. Awsome. :love:(y)
@frogboy Indeed!! Another nice perk!! I enjoy Windscribe and have been using it for years. Well rounded!

Windscribe has a free 50 gb a month lifetime offer and imho the best free one out there you also have vpn gate which is develloped by a japanese university. The connections are not always the fastest but they do a good job. Logging is minimal in this one.
@Trickster Couldn't agree more! Logging is next to none - I don't believe they do any logging. Kim Komando who is a well known Radio personality in the USA talks about free VPNs here: Best VPN services of 2017 | One Page

Windscribe is one of the few that she fully trusts with her data as with many others.

Glad to see other fellow Windscribe users!


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For Netflix I had to many problems logging into their website with VPN off and so they had me install their app on my home PC and that works great. I have not tried connecting with AirVpn in a while. Even though AirVPN is paid, it sometimes has problems connecting. I will give Winscribe a try at the end of this month.