Need Advice Google thinks government attackers are trying to steal my password !!?

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Oct 9, 2020
I opened a SurfShark VPN connection (US Server) to visit a couple of sites and forgot to turn it off, and used the PC for few hours at night, the next morning I got a warning from Google that my government backed attacked might be trying to steal my password (check attached screenshot).

I am more sure that google detected the vpn and access to my account from a different country, that's the reason. did this happen to anybody else?

I am not an important person to have the government after me (not in politics/not a journalist), I already have 2 factor authentication activated, I changed the password anyway, and the login locations doesn't show any suspected data, just that access to google from USA during the vpn connection.


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May 25, 2020
Google indicate this may be a false positive but its also a good time to start stronger security habits.
Is losing your google account worth the cost of a couple of biometric keys and some inconvenience?

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