Level 13

When I enable Microsoft Defender Application Guard to run Edge virtualized, I am not able to create an image backup. When I disable Application Guard I can make an image backup. Good news i that when Application Guard s enabled, I can restore an image backup up earlier and I can still backup data.



Jan Willy

Level 3
A strange experience: after I had installed the Windscribe VPN extension in Waterfox, Appguard in Edge didn't work anymore. Some required services (VfpExt, VMSP, CmService, hvsics) wouldn't start (events 7000 + 7001). I deleted the VPN-extension, restarted the system and voila, Appguard was again safe and sound. I presume that there was a conflict between the VPN extension and the Appguard virtual network adapter.

Jan Willy

Level 3
Restarting PC fix it as temporary workaround which is official solution from Microsoft
Yeah, Application Guard is buggy. After today's update of MS Edge, Application Guard striked. I logged in again and now it works. Annoying. Especially when you bear in mind that it was meant for use in a business environment.