Updates Happy 29th Birthday To Linux


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Apr 17, 2020
Our lovely operating system Linux is turning 29 today so we will like to wish a very happy birthday to the Linux.

August 25th, 1991, the day Linus Benedict Torvalds made this famous announcement on the comp.os.minx newsgroup regarding the Linux.

Happy 29th Birthday To Linux | Itsubuntu.com (Read the article, pretty funny since he said won't be portable and nothing will come of it and it won't ever support anything besides AT harddisks.)


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Mar 21, 2018
I fear for the future of the linux desktop, all the same. There is no unifying voice to bring the disparate, disjointed clans and tribes together in a bold direction for the betterment of all. They may be destined to wander the wilderness separately, or in small groups, with no discernible or useful purpose until they are drowned out by more articulated and successful endeavors, or until they are no more.