Have I Been Pwned will not be sold and stays independent


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Apr 24, 2016
Project Svalbard, Have I Been Pwned and its Ongoing Independence
This is going to be a lengthy blog post so let me use this opening paragraph as a summary of where Project Svalbard is at: Have I Been Pwned is no longer being sold and I will continue running it independently. After 11 months of a very intensive process culminating in many months of exclusivity with a party I believed would ultimately be the purchaser of the service, unexpected changes to their business model made the deal infeasible. It wasn't something I could have seen coming nor was it anything to do with HIBP itself, but it introduced a range of new and insurmountable barriers. So that's the tl;dr, let me now share as much as I can about what's been happening since April 2019 and how the service will operate in the future.

ForgottenSeer 85911

He's not doing it for the money; he cited how stressful it is to continue running the service and his inability to develop it beyond what he's capable of.

then why sell it ?
he should have no problem giving the website away for free to whomever will take the responsibilities of the project
if he can not take care of the dog software then he should take it to the dog software dropoff shelter