Hector1 free security

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@Hector1 good config, I suggest you to set Avast at maximum protection, please see this great guide by @Jack : How to setup Avast Internet Security for Maximum Protection (2016 Guide)
Also, please update your thread fields if you have removed Qihoo 360, see here: MT Rules - How to Update your Security Config without creating a new thread!

Maybe add also HTTPS Everywhere.

Thanks for sharing.
Why doesn't just chrome do HTTPS Everywhere job? force https on websites?
Jul 28, 2016
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Removed: Qihoo 360 (last update has "over the top" Ram usage in my system, about 700 MB!!! 2 Blue screen and multiple freeze)
Added: Avast free.
Nice move from your side to ad avast! Plays much more nicer with cf! With qihoo you really got Some memory leak problems during update proces and so on!