Q&A Heimdal Security Licensing issue


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Nov 6, 2014
Well, Heimdal Security may have lost a customer.

I owned a lifetime license to Heimdal Pro Home which they converted to Heimdal Thor Foresight for free, which was nice of them to do because it means I still had all the access I had before, however they recently launched Thor Vigilance about 10+ months ago, So I waited for them to work out bugs and get it sometime. I noticed MalwareTips had a coupon code that worked on their site to buy either Premium which is Foresight & Vigilance, Just Vigilance or Just foresight.

So I ordered 3 years for 3 PC's of just Vigilance I already own foresight why would I buy it twice right? WRONG! second I entered the Vigilance code it removed my Foresight code, so I've opened a ticket telling them you need to convert my Vigilance key to a Premium key because I'm already a lifetime License Holder for Foresight, My guess is they will more then likely tell me to upgrade to premium at which point I will call my Credit Card company dispute the transaction and switch back to my lifetime Foresight and never try to buy an upgrade or addition from them ever again.

I really hope they care more about their Consumers then they do at squeezing every cent they can out of someone but time will tell.

I'll report back with screenshots of their answers.