Level 7

Version 0.93 [2020/08/04]

  • Add: Support for CCleaner Browser, Iridium Browser and URBrowser
  • Support for Microsoft Edge Chromium to the Plugin Scanner
  • Modified: Rewritten the check for languages update
  • Modified: Rewritten Thunderbird backup process (now generates 2 files)
  • Fixed: an issue that even when the user click on cancel the software still run the backup or the restore process
  • Fixed: an issue with the restore process that may show the cmd window
  • Fixed: an issue with the Plugin Scanner


Level 29
Malware Tester
Good app. It uses 7zip to archive profile and when it starts its operation, there also starts a competition between the 7zip process and Windows Defender on "who can use more CPU!" 😄


Level 7
I had to use this today when I had to roll back my pc to my backup from last month! Luckily I had just used this to backup firefox and all my bookmarks two days ago! (Restored like a charm!)