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I am back :) on MT

I sold my two motor bikes (a classic Laverda 1000 3cil and Ducati Monster 1000) and bought an and old Citroen Jumper mini-bus and converted it to a camper van. Although I am to young ;) for the flower power generation I put on flowers to our mini-bus. My wife is happy I am not driving around on motor bikes any more. I also quit playing rugby. So as you obviously can see I lost all my wild hair, that is why picked up a safe hobby.

Refreshing my old IT-skills again. Going slowly, currently learning C, long term goals is to acquire front end developer skills (1 year horizon) and pickup sufficiënt javascript skills to bring back the goodies of uMatrix (3 year horizon)

I won't be as active as when I was a member with nick name Windows_Security.

Greetings from the Netherlands to all MT-friends.

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