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Newbie with a problem, (many actually, but only one for this group-lol). I just contracted a fake technical help screen it is red and says it is from Microsoft Edge. They claim that they need my account name and password and also I can take care of this by calling an 844 number. I just shutdown and reboot. Eventually it comes back again. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? It freezes up my screen. I have run Windows defender and Avast Premium, but they are not finding it. I am running Windows 10. Thanks for your time and any help you may provide.


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Welcome Mendel71.

A quick initial approach--

-Scan with Malwarebytes Free, delete any finds
-Scan with Adwcleaner Free (also from Malwarebytes)

If those don't find and delete the issue, scan with..
-Norton Power Eraser (Free)

If none of that works, open up a ticket with @TwinHeadedEagle in the malware removal section of MT. He can guide you through the steps to clean malware.

And don't forget to buy him a beer. :emoji_beer: